Lake George Expedition Park


The Dinosaurs are coming!

In May 2019, Lake George Expedition Park (LGEP) will celebrate its grand opening of Dino Roar Valley, an all-new attraction coming to Lake George, NY, situated within a 46-acre forest in the Adirondacks. Dino Roar Valley will appeal to not only dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages, but also those who are looking to embark on an authentic, prehistoric adventure. The park will feature 20 full-scale animatronic dinosaurs along a 90-120 minute paved walking trail, an experience designed to transport explorers to a time when these legendary beasts once roamed.

Attraction Details

When visitors enter through the Dino Roar Valley basecamp, they will be briefed on their expedition’s mission. As explorers approach the main gate into the park, they’ll be met by a roaring Dilophosaurus – the first of many dinosaur encounters to come! Along a half mile nature trail through a lush dinosaur forest, visitors will hear dinosaur roars, step into their tracks and find out what they eat. At Dino Roar Valley, explorers will be transported to a prehistoric time when these legendary beasts once roamed. Climbing into a dinosaur nest, digging for hidden fossils and standing next to a roaring-replica of possibly the world’s largest dinosaur ever discovered – The Titanosaurus – will all be part of this expedition of discovery.

Expedition Study guides, aligned with the NYS Department of Education’s Next Generation Learning Standards and the NYS Science Learning Standards, will be available for grade levels K-5 during school and group tours.

Dino Roar Valley will also feature an array of onsite amenities, including a food and beverage area with snacks and other grab-n-go items, and a multi-functional special events space equipped for birthday parties or other private events.

Lake George is an established, popular summer vacation destination, with 8.3 million visitors a year.

About Lake George Expedition Park

Lake George Expedition Park promises adventure, discovery, and excitement to attendees of all ages. Each of its attractions will offer a quality experiences that will spark imagination and creativity. The mission and promise of the park is for visitors to explore and immerse themselves into unique outdoor environments that transport them to other places through experiential design and themed engagement. In a world where people often race against time, Lake George Expedition Park will allow people to pause and imagine; engage rather than observe, and spend time with family and friends while creating memories. It is the park’s vision for visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind opportunity that leaves them with a lasting impression and a desire to return.



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